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The Secrets of

“How To Charge....

....for your Welding Skills”

'Markthewelder' Reveals His Profit Secrets….

….they all laughed when he bought his first welder,

but they’re not laughing now....

as the cash pours into his bank every month!

purchase a copy NOW!

Best Selling Welding Related Book Worldwide
This is a real A4 sized Book - Posted Worldwide Sameday

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customer testimonial

Mark, thanks again for all your help & advice.
You have transformed my welding business
 and I can't thank you enough. 
Brian O'Donnel.
BOD Mobile Welding

This is an essential skill that makes the difference between top profits or going bust.

You must know exactly How To Charge for your Welding Skills or you will be working just to pay your bills!

If you DON'T know exactly what your breakeven figure is per hour, then you will have no idea how much money you are losing every day!

You can't guess at how to do this, someone has to show you how to do this properly or you will not earn the money that you expect.

customer testimonial

Mark, thank you pal,
I would never have done it without your help.
I owe you big time.

James Callaghan.

If you want to earn massive & continuous profits from your welding, then you must know how to charge for your welding skills!

There is only one way to earn top profitability from your welding or fabrication skills, and that's to learn How To Charge for Welding Skills from an expert that already does it on a daily basis!

When you can quickly and easily work out your financial breakeven rates on hourly, daily and weekly basis, then you will always know exactly how much profit you are making all of the time!

Your 'breakeven' amount is how much you must earn every hour to pay all of your overheads.

You must know how to do this with confidence, just copy me!

I can teach you how to do this from your desk at home!

Once you are able to work out how to charge for your welding skills on an hourly or daily basis, everything else falls into place and you will always know exactly how much you are earning on each & every job.

When you learn this 'Essential Business Skill', you can increase your earnings many times by easily using my methods of calculating a profit on each job.

You will very quickly learn how to professionally & easily calculate all of your overhead and running costs & be able to calculate how to add a profit and where all the figures are taken from!

You DON'T need any expensive pc software to do this, you simply need to be shown how to do it yourself!

customer testimonial

Mark, PLEASE do more books!
this is just fantastic,
you have saved me a fortune, thanks.
 I can't believe how good this info is. 
Ian Merchison.
Lancs UK

Keep reading.......

...... it gets better !!!

This book also sells on eBay at a higher cost.
(due to the horrific sellers fees)

Below is a sample of sales feedback on 24th August 2010

eBay feedback on 23 Aug 2010

Below is a sample of sales feedback on 28th July 2010

eBay feedback on 28th July 2010

This information is worth thousands of £'s to you

Same Day Dispatch - Posted First Class
The Actual Book is Double the Thickness of the image.

This best selling book (hard copy A4 version) has helped welders all over the world to make maximum profits from thier welding skills, some of the testimonials I have received are at the bottom of this page and speak for themselves.

This ‘tell all' expert guide to extracting maximum profitability from welding skills is the only book of its kind available in the world today.

As a professional welder running a successful mobile and workshop welding business since 1997, I have turned over almost one million pounds from my welding skills as a ‘one man band' and I started with just an old ex-post office van and an old welder-generator, no workshop or fancy tools.

I have spent over one hundred thousand pounds on welding equipment and spent over fifty thousand pounds on vehicles over the past twelve years and all paid for by my customers.......how did I manage this as a one man band welder? ..... read on.

Do you know how to ‘cost up' a job properly? ..... just copy me and learn the ‘tricks of the trade' that virtually guarantee you will get every job you quote for and you will never lose a customer...... There are secrets to producing a perfect ‘welding job quotation' that will amaze you and earn you big profits from your welding skills.

Do you know what your profit margin really is?......without knowing how to quickly and easily calculate this, you could be working just to pay the bills and not be earning any profit, or running at a loss......copy from a welding expert and learn how to add a profit margin onto everything you do from leaving the house in the morning to getting back home.....you need to know this stuff.

I am not your average book writer, I am just a knowledgeable welder and listed below are the chapter titles of my book and a quick description of the contents of each chapter, and these will surprise you.

  • Whats the best rate to charge? ...... (page 9). .....Do you charge for your welding ‘by the hour'? ...... learn when and where to apply it and most importantly, when NOT to charge by the hour.
  • Do you charge a ‘fixed price' for your welding work? ......
  • are you under-charging? Or,
  • are you over-charging? ...... how will you know if you have no ‘welding charges structure' in place?
  • How much does your competition charge for his welding skills? ....... how do you find out? ...... and most importantly; what do you do when you know how much he charges? ......read my ‘How to Charge for Your Welding Skills' book and learn every trick in the trade.
  • What do you do if your local welding competition is charging a ridiculously low hourly rate? ....... how do you continue to earn big profits and beat him ‘hands down' every time? ......
  • how do you ‘steal' customers from your competition? ...... simple - learn how to do it by reading my book.
  • Your vital break even figure..... do you know what your weekly or monthly breakeven figure is? ...... if you don't know this, you will seriously struggle to run a profitable and successful welding business...... I explain and show you everything in detail and provide you with forms to help you work this out the easy way......... (page 12).

  • How to work out your break-even figure..... Let me show you how to understand and calculate all your figures in no time with simple ways that I give you, just use the forms that I supply with my book, fill in your costs and all the answers appear right in front of you......this is so easy when someone shows you how to do it, honestly, its really easy to do...... I explain and show you everything in detail and provide you with forms to help you work this out the easy way......... (page 21).

  • Vehicle Cost Analysis? ......This section of my book is devoted entirely to a close and detailed look at how you would figure out your costs for a brand new vehicle as a new business start-up situation, or if you already have a vehicle, use this info to work out your vehicle costs to include in your breakeven and profitability figures, just everything you need to know ...... (page 27).

  • Welder-Generator Cost Analysis? ......This section is devoted to a close and detailed look at how you would figure out your costs for a brand new welder-generator (genset (generator-set)) as a new business start-up asset. * the name ‘genset' is my generalization term for an engine driven welder-generator set, and not to be confused with the trade name of a welding machine called Genset!...... if you use a mobile welding genset, you need this info, from buying one, value depreciation, gap insurance and a satellite tracking device to protect it, read it all here ...... I explain and show you everything in detail and provide you with forms to help you work this out the easy way......... (page 36).

  • Vital Welder-Generator Info...... so you thought you knew it all? ...... you will enjoy this section ..... (page 40).

  • Create A Shoestring Break-even Figure ..... this section of my book is for those that want to start a new business and learn how to cost everything up in the first place, especially if you want to go to a bank for a loan or an overdraught facility and even more important if you want to ‘go it alone' with no bank support..... You will need this info on how to do it......and you will of course want a mig wire feed unit to run from your genset won't you? ......prepare to be amazed ...... I explain and show you everything in detail and provide you with forms to help you work this out the easy way......... (page 43).

  • Yearly Breakeven Figure ...... you will now be knowledgeable enough to work out your yearly breakeven figures with ease, these are the kind of things that you hear about on ‘the dragons den' complete with profit forecasts for years one two three etc. If you have ever needed a proper ‘business plan', this is where you start, this is the important bit that even your bank or your accountant will want to see, and you have to be knowledgeable enough to produce this...... Even if you are trading with no real business plan, this info will open your eyes to the real world of calculating welding profits! This is where you can see your welding consumables costed into the picture along with everything from gas bottle rentals to nuts and bolts......all is explained in detail with forms to help you.... (page 53).

  • The main benefit of you having your break-even figures is so that you can look at any welding job and immediately arrive at a final cost for the welding work and you will know exactly how much it will cost you to do the work (from your break-even) and how much profit you have in that final ‘welding rate' for the job.

  • The next section of my book details the part of my own breakeven figures that I use on a daily basis and how I apply it to almost every single welding job that I charge for......you really need this bit.

  • Daily break-even figure ...... all welders need this info to be able to make good profit on a day to day basis ..... Don't miss this bit, it's the minimum amount that you must earn per day to stay in business .....I explain and show you everything in detail...... (page 57).

  • How to Add a Profit Margin to Your Daily Rate ...... On top of your ‘breakeven' minimum day rate amount, you must add a bit for profit...... You must have that profit come hell or high water! ...... just copy me ...... this will open your eyes! ..... (page 58 ).

The next sections of my book detail just how to generate maximum profits from your welding skills ...... you will love this lot!

  • Avoid Known-Value Welding Work? .... And you wonder why so many welders go bust? ...... (page 69).

  • The Best Welding Profits ...... best I don't say too much here, other than to say just copy how I do it and watch your welding profits go through the roof! ..... some of my customers have bought my book and they can't believe what I've written, but by god it works......(page 73).

  • How Do I Work Out A Price Per Hour? ..... my answer to this will shock you but you have to be brave in business or you will fail...... (page 77).

  • No Fixed Hourly Rates? ..... Nine welding business have gone bust within a 20 mile radius of my workshop in the past ten years....... There are some things you must know and this section can change you life for the better ..... (page 78).   

  • The World's Fastest Manual MIG Welding? ..... I have pretty basic welding machinery but I can produce world class quality welding...... read all about how I do it in my book and look at these online photo albums (FREE access provided) that show you how I do it...... this is good stuff to know for maximum welding profitability ..... (page 87).

  • Top Profits from Welding Fabrication .... This is real stuff that works...... how many times would you like to go on holiday every year? Read this section of my book and apply what you read, prepare to amaze yourself silly ..... (page 89).

  • Welding Profits from the Internet! ..... With the amount of superb free website and email software now available completely free of charge, and the release of the latest world class website visitor tracking and analysis software also completely free of charge, you simply can't fail to find profitable fabrication work that will sustain you for a long time ......just to open your eyes to the possibilities, simply type mobile welder glasgow into Google and you can see the results for yourself. This is extremely simple to do and costs you virtually no money to do but provides you with a daily stream of customers and there is no end of ‘search terms' that you can use to drive customers to your mobile phone...... (page 93).  

  • If You Must Charge ‘By The Hour'...... my current practices and my top tips are here for you to read about ...... do you have a ‘plan B'? ..... you really don't want to miss this lot (page 96).

  • How to Increase the Value of Your Finished Work...... you should already know all of this, expert tips and how I make a lot of extra profit without trying ..... (page 108).

  • How to Charge for Nuts and Bolts! ..... A strange section here about maximizing profits from the smallest of items! ...... but it can pay your secret pension, so read it twice and surprise yourself..... (page 110).

  • Get £100k Worth of Tools for Free! ....Yes you have read that correctly..... This is really where you need ‘all your buttons on' when it comes to How to... Charge for Welding! ..... this you probably won't believe, but it works for me and hundreds of others, just trust me on this..... (page 113).

  • Profit From Aluminium Welding?...... I had the expectation of specializing in this and making a fortune, but it didn't go to plan, this is exactly what happened to me, so read this and learn how not to do something! ......the word ‘high risk customer' springs to mind...... read my true account of this and weep, I did ...... (page 118).

  • Welding Duty Cycle Affects Your Wages! .....  this is confusing for even professional welders, but markthewelder's technical description gets you out of a big hole and into big profit. There's more to duty cycle than meets the eye, read the ins and outs and prepare to stay long term profitable ..... (page 130).

  • Do I Advertise a Cheap Welding Rate? .... There's more to this than meets the eye but my methods get me the profit from my welding skills that I want..... the words ‘devalued skill', ‘true worth' and ‘fatal mistake' spring to mine here...... what you read here can make you major profits........ just learn when to keep your mouth shut!..... (page 138).

  • Coded Welding or Not Coded? ..... This is a very talked about subject ......I receive lots of emails from my web site visitors every other day and they ask this question:
  •  How do I get good welding work if I am not coded? The truth of this situation will surprise you ..... read all about it in my book ..... (page 141).  

  • Selling Your Welding Business? ..... If you have reached the stage where you have welding and office staff, a well kitted workshop and healthy order book and profitability, then your business will have a sustainable customer base that is a saleable asset...... you then need to know the following well before you sell ..... ( see page 142 ).

  • Your Welder-Generator Must Do This.....so you want to be a successful mobile welder? Best you read this section first then or you will never know! .....this section will keep you awake! ..... (page 145).   

  • How to Cost-up and Calculate Fuel Rates..... you can't run a business and not know this stuff properly, it makes all the difference to know how to put a cost on everything quickly and easily for lots of reasons...... if you just pour diesel into your genset and forget about it, then you are missing something...... (page 155).

  • Gen-Set Anti-Theft Devices That Work! ..... what value to you is your genset? ..... remember that it will pay your wages every day for years to come, learn how to keep it that way with some simple but very effective protection devices .... (page 156).

The figures and examples throughout my book are real life figures taken exactly from my own experiences, they are not fictional.

This book is UK written by myself and is supplied in A4 size hard copy printed format as a real book which is posted direct to your door with a day or two of your purchase......

It is also available now as a pdf file on a cd.....Simply put the cd into your pc and start reading it, if you want one, just ask me.

This hard copy A4 comb bound Manual can be posted anywhere worldwide.

customer testimonial

Markthewelder, thank you and thank you again.
Your advice is priceless!
I would have given up without your help. 
Andy Walters.
Walters Welding

Would you like this from your customers?
Just Copy Me

customer testimonial

Mark, I still can't believe you tell everyone how to do this!
We have made more money in the last six weeks than we have in six months!
I appreciate everything you have taught me.
Thank you sincerely.

Thomas McGuigan
G&T Mobile Welding & Fabrication

over 160 A4 pages of top quality information
with no 'fluff' or other rubbish!

This book also sells on eBay at a higher cost.
(due to the horrific sellers fees)

Below is a sample of sales feedback on 18th July 2010


customer testimonial

Mark, thanks again from myself & my wife.
Your help has given me a great profit from my mobile welding
for the first time in years!
 I am now working on my new mobile welding website with confidence.
Your help & advice is really working like a dream!
We would like to repay your telephone bill costs too! 
Simon Bryant.
S&S Welding Services

learn how to do this yourself and teach others!

  • I show you exactly 'How To' calculate a 'break even figure', so that you can easily see exactly how much you MUST earn just to pay your overheads and running costs!

  • I show you exactly which financial figures that you MUST include in your 'break even' figures!

  • I show you exactly where these figures come from or how to calculate them yourself!

  • I show you exactly How To calculate a profit on any welding or fabrication job!

  • I show you exactly How To add a profit onto your 'break even' amount!

  • I have also included a real example of how I create my own breakeven figures and I show you exactly how they are used.

  • I have produced exact copies of the formats that I use myself & I even include blank forms for you to fill out and use for your own calculations. copy me and practice this yourself!

  • If you need to know how much to charge per hour, copy this method for immediate results!

  • What about 'How To Work out Welding Rates' by the day?  just copy me and learn the easy way to do it!

  • Weekly welding rates are just as easy to work out when you know how!

  • You MUST always know exactly how much you MUST earn per hour to stay in business!

Only Available until the stock runs out.
The next print run is June 2011 - buy yours NOW.

Get the inside information NOW ....
 .... & learn from an expert welder!

  • How Do You calculate all of YOUR vehicle costs and know what to do with them?

  • How Do You calculate all of YOUR business expenses and know what to do with them?

  • How Do You calculate the costs of YOUR welding equipment and know what to do with them?

  • How Do YOU calculate the costs of YOUR direct welding consumables AND Charge for them?

Learn How Quick and Easy this really is....
....when you know how!

prove to your friends you can do it!

Probably the best...

'How To Charge for Welding Skills'

....information available in the world today!

This is the world's first full release of my new manual

Get your own copy


and remember where you saw it first!

you will never lose money again!

Best Selling Welding Related Book Worldwide.
Buy it NOW at the bottom of this page

So What Have You Got To Lose?

customer testimonial

Congrats and thank you Mark.
Superb book and need more!
The best I have ever bought and a pleasure to read.
When is your 'how to start a mobile welding business' book ready please?
Thanks again.

Lots more customer testimonials here

This is easy stuff to learn!


WWorldwide Best Seller

The Secrets of...

'How To Charge... 
...for your Welding Skills'


Full A4 size Manual
posted out to you immediately

Your Free Bonus
with every purchase

Special Report 

How to...
Make an Invoice 
(value £14-95)


Table of Contents:

  • Invoicing - The process - a brief overview of how the sales process works, and it never starts or ends with an invoice.
  • The purchase order number - this is the holy grail of my welding business, read about why this is a vital item for your invoice.
  • The Advice Note - there is much more to this than meets the eye, it's not just any ordinary delivery note.
  • How to make an invoice - the following sections cover everything.
  • Key Features of an Invoice
  • Date & Invoice Number
  • The Sender
  • The Recipient
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Job Description
  • Line Items
  • Totals
  • The Fine Print
  • When to post?
  • What a UK/GB VAT invoices should include
  • What details must you include on a VAT invoice?
  • Sample Invoice
  • Free Document Creation Software - if you are just starting out on your welding business venture, then the chances of you having top spec document creation software are slim. The best FREE software is perfectly acceptable for professional document creation in every aspect, read the full details here and exactly where to get it.
  • How to create professional pdf Documents for FREE - well, this subject is already widely covered on the internet and has been for many years. However, as a professional user of pdf creation software since 2000 for another business interest of mine, I am well versed in exactly what does and doesn't work, from the best professional software to the worst free stuff. Here I give advice that makes your business paperwork life so much easier and very professional, and exactly which FREE software to use and exactly where to get it, I also mention what you must not use.
  • Quotation - not covered in depth in this special report for various reasons, see info.
  • Statement - this item is a vital element of your whole invoicing system.

Impress your customers and keep them!

If your invoice is poor quality or badly laid out,
you will only confuse and annoy your customer!

Do you want to be paid on-time every month?
Make sure your invoice is up to the job!

your FREE bonus manual is a downloadable item and is included in the cost of the main manual which will be posted to you.

Hard Copy A4 Manual
posted out to You:

click on - 'buy now' below to purchase.
This real A4 size manual will be posted out to you within one working day by First Class Royal Mail or Air Mail to anywhere in the world.
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For Southern Ireland & France see Postage info.

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Your FREE bonus manual is included in the cost and is a downloadable item.

Your Main Volume 4 Manual will be posted to you in a Professional Book Mailing Box.

Thank you

Buy it Now - and be reading it in 5 minutes...!

everything as above - but in pdf format for download to your pc.

ONLY £12-45 GBP

PLEASE NOTE: the digital download version of this manual, has been reformatted to allow for easier viewing on a pc, therefore, the table of contents listed above for the main Volume 4 manual do not exactly match the page numbers of the digital version. The contents are identical and word count is identical, but the real printed version has more pages due to being formatted for double sided printing.

Pay with credit card or PayPal

The download link is shown on the PayPal page immediately after your payment is confirmed, please look for the link......I will also email you the download link again just to make sure you get it without any problem.....thank you.


If you are unsure of how to download or use a .pdf file, please read this page (right click on link, then select 'open in new tab', then click on the tab to read this page separate from the website).

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I am at my desk every evening.

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